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Originally Posted by Lexington-1 View Post

I'm new to rimfire.

I went to purchase my first box of ammo. I asked the store owner his recommendation. He said I should avoid lead ammo and buy copper jacket instead. He said that lead tends to leave residue in your barrel. Eventually the build up will start to effect accuracy. Even with cleaning, he said you can never completely get rid of the lead in the rifling groves and that I would save myself a lot of headaches down the road by sticking to copper jackets?

I'd like to hear your opinion as to weather this is good advice or not.

Assuming you are talking about .22lr there is no such thing as a copper jacketed .22lr round. All are lubricated in some fashion one of which is a copper wash (chemical process) that serves as a cheap lubricant. Under the lube is lead. All and I mean all match grade .22lr ammo has a lead bullet lubed by some type of wax, or tallow or some proprietary mixture of different substances. None are copper washed. I have shot over 40,000 rounds of lead bullets thru various rifles and pistolas with only one leading problem. That was when I shot some 22lr rounds in the cylinder meant for .22Magnums in my revolver. Dumb mistake on my part but it really leaded up the cylinder and barrel.

In short I think the store owner who you spoke to is weak on his information about .22lr ammo. Nearly all bulk ammo is copper washed and the reason for that is its a cheap way to apply a lubricant to the bullet. However I have read where some semi-auto rifles and pistols prefer the copper washed bullets as they do not gum up the actions as quickly as the lubed lead bullets.
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