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Biffed, any good quality ammo will work, at least 225 rounds and I don't ever recommend reloads unless they are your own. You will need a good holster and belt, like BladeTech and Wilderness Instructors belt, at least 6 magazines, and magazine pouches. Electric ears are good also. I will assume you have some handgun experience, drawing from the holster, shooting on the move, that kind of thing. When you sign in tell Jimmy this is your first match, they will place you with the match director's squad. The RO will help you thru commands and stages. Be safe (keep your finger off the trigger while moving,ie,master grip and don't turn around with the gun, when loading and unloading, and making it safe, keep it pointed at a target, not the ground or over the berm). Don't pick up your magazines until your gun is holstered and the RO declares range is clear. We had an accidental discharge from one of the shooters on my squad last week but he was pointing straight at a target, if it would have hit the ground, he would have gone home. If you are not completely at ease drawing from the holster, the RO will let you start from the low ready. You will be shooting Production Division as unclassified. Go slow and make your hits even though the other shooters will run it fast and make it look easy. I would say above else don't point your gun at me, but I just had sinus surgery today, and most likely the doctor will not let me shoot.


Here is the Norco website, and the USPSA website
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