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I have a good friend that I went to school with (and we go shooting and hunting to this day) he is a Sac Sheriff.

When I got my LTC this was not part of the papers I had nor was it talked about at the sheriff station, but I asked my friend and he said yes tell them its, the right thing to do. When they run you (most of they time they do it with your plate) it will come back that you have a LTC.

But I have not talked to a cop over something I did wrong in 20 years (knock on wood)
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There used to be an old saying, "when guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.."
My new saying is, "when the last informed shooter gets fed up setting the record straight from all the trolls, only trolls will be on Calguns.."
Close to the edge here brother.
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More what? More crazy?
You live in California. There's always more crazy. It's a renewable resource.
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