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Yep, the Colt Trooper I sold was a really nice gun but for my needs and being 63, I want something small and light that will stop almost anything that may want to attack me. Don't care if it's 5 or 6 or 8 or 10 rounds since I am guessing 5 may be the most I could get off before becoming lunch for a bear or mountain lion. So I am looking for the best gun to fit my needs. Needs to be quick out of a holster and ready to fire. That's one reason I like the Glock. But when it comes to ammo, not sure what is best. Would be a close target as I don't hunt and would not shoot unless I was in real danger. I would rather try and scare away an animal than shoot it. But if it's coming at me very fast, I want to get off as many shots as possible in case I miss a few! So undecided on gun type and caliber.

Originally Posted by Oceanbob View Post
It's all about 'trade-offs'. Either a heavy longer barreled .357 with 6 or 8 rounds which will do the job OR a more compact polymer GLOCK that is lighter weight but can carry more ammo.

I do like the idea of a G29 running hot .40 ammo. Never thought of that..good idea. Small gun, 15 rounds. (or .40 or 10MM). (Thanks Stix213)

Factory .40 is less expensive than 10MM anyday which makes a difference in how much practice you get. No use carrying anything you haven't mastered with lots of practice.

Trooper...actually the Colt Trooper you just sold was perfect except for the weight and size. Backpacking around the woods you want something light and effective that isn't apparent to people passing you on the trail.

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