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Originally Posted by holiday View Post
well that really brings up an interesting point, and please chime in if your law enforcement. i would rather not bring attention to it unless i am asked by the officer if any weapons are in the car. the officer is just going to issue the ticket and be on his way so why would he need to know. now if he was in the process of doing a vehicle search, then i would notify him.

i got my ccw in sac county and like i said, i don't remember that being the case. my friend is placer county so maybe they require that? does that mean you would have to know county by county who does and who does not?

thanks guys for the prompt responses

Restrictions Applicable to All Sacramento Sheriff’s Department Permit Holders
(Permit invalid if violated)
• While exercising the permit and carrying a weapon, no alcohol consumption is
• No permitted weapon is allowed where weapons are prohibited by law.
• No permitted weapon is allowed at locations where a sign is posted prohibiting
• The Sheriff may impose additional restrictions.
• During any law enforcement contact, you are required to disclose your status as a
CCW permit holder and you must disclose whether or not you are carrying a
weapon on your person or in your vehicle.

Failure of the permit holder to adhere to these restrictions will result in the
revocation of the concealed weapons permit.
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