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You misunderstand me. I'm not blaming the state for anything but the law, I sure don't blame them for our screw up.

I may like to blame them though for not better explaining the entire CFD process, in laymens' terms, with examples of whats right and what's wrong instead of expecting us all to be lawyers to interpret the law. They've made it nebulous on purpose, so we CAN blame them for that.

We would much rather have caught this up front and saved the customer's money. He may be a jerk but having him lose like this will only hurt us.

FYI, the gun is used and old. Were it something recent, I suppose we'd never have assumed we could sell it not being on the list.

Anyway, chalking it up to ignorance and inexperience, it sure won't happen again and I'm hoping that by posting the details here it will save someone else from having the same problem.

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