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Originally Posted by Mineralogy Mike View Post
Hi folks, I'm not an LEO but my awesome wife is. I've got my bullet-buttoned AR and my ten rounders but we are thinking of buying some more toys. We are thinking about AR without a bullet button or an FN SCAR to name a couple. Because of her LEO status she can legally buy these, obviously.

But what if she decides to change careers and is no longer an LEO? Librarian suggested I ask you fine officers as you might have the answer handy. Would we have to get rid of the rifles if she is no longer an LEO? Or would it be a matter of simply installing bullet buttons?

Thanks guys!
Per the LEOSA 2004, a peace officer (not retired or suspended) can own an assault weapon. What the LEOSA is not clear on, is whether or not you must have written approval from your department. I read LEOSA 2004 and I did not find anything in there about requiring written approval of your department. So, I am not certain. I had a recent conversation with one of our weapons training guys and he said that you need to have written authorization from your department in order to be compliant with the LEOSA. I hear there are some test cases going on though.

A peace officer can buy 30 round mags all day long, but once she uses a 30 round mag, it becomes an assault weapon.

There are bullet buttons out there that will convert to a standard magazine release with a few turns of the screw. Here is an example of one:

My suggestion would be to make sure the rifle is CA legal if you go to the range. Some LEO's keep 30 round mags around in case P00P hits the fan.

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