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Originally Posted by GL0Ck View Post
hey enthusiast, i realize this build party is full, but I was wondering if it would be possible to build a dragunov? If i can get a parts kit for it, do you have all the tools/jigs for it? and would it be possible for me to be in the next build party?
Like the others have said you probably mean a PSL, I dont have the tools for a PSL build and so far as you can see no luck on any of the helpers showing up with them.

BUMP ---> Still looking for Yugo tools. <---- BUMP

Rg619 are you still gonna order Toth's Yugo barrel tools?

If not let me know I might just order them:

Kcstott I have a ball end mill and some steel if you are up for fabricating a bucking bar for the rear rivets of the Yugo trigger guard I think that should take care of the trouble spots of Yugo building unless there is something else that I am forgetting...
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