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OP, are you going for accuracy, lower price, assured ammo availability, or a combination of the three? If it's some combination, is there a "prime" goal that you have? This might help us to advise you on this.

Personally, I think it's a great idea to get set up for reloading, even if you just break even, because CA has already tried AB 962 and very nearly made it, but for a sensible court that struck it down as un-Constitutional. But they will try again. So, every shooter in California that can reload, should. Just my view.

For presses, I now generally recommend Lee's Classic Turret Press or an inexpensive single-stage (e. g. the Breech-Lock Challenger) for new folks getting started. Progressives like LnL AP's, Pro 1000's, all Dillon models, etc. will always be there after getting some experience.

Here's what I'd recommend to you for getting started. Since you're reloading .223, even if you're weighing the bullets, the 100gr capacity of the scale will not be a problem. This and a set o' .223 dies should do the trick.

Remember, folks, the primary goal here is to get the OP started and see if he likes it. I suggest we keep it as easy (including up-front cost) as we can.

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