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Originally Posted by DirtyDave View Post
Bore Diameter is actually .218 or .219 on all .22 caliber centerfires and they all shoot the .224" dia bullet.
The name of the cartridge is JUST A NAME. .220 swift, .221 Fireball, .222 Rem, .223 Rem, .224 Wby, .225 Win, .22-250, .223 WSSM, ALL shoot the same .224" Bullet.
Just like the .38 Special and .357 Magnum use the same .357" bullets. The name is just a name.
Excuse my mistake, land should be grooves here, grooves are .223 maximum diameter, lands are undersize by .001-.0012 to ensure proper engraving of the bullet. .224 bullet diameter lets the bullet fill the grooves to compression point and seal the bore properly. Written at o-dawn-thirty, brains cells asleep
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