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Originally Posted by ssteve View Post
I have until april to prep on my own for the academy, and after reading as much as I can, I am convinced I need to work on report writing, as well as several other things academically. So I would like to see if anyone here could pass on some resources for me to get started?
Which department will you be joining?

The most important thing you can do to prepare for the academy is physical training, mainly upper body strength and endurance. Get in a lot of cardio!

Report writing is something that will be very difficult to prepare for ahead of the academy. Every department's report forms and styles of writing are quite different. If you are good with spelling and clean printing, you are ahead of the game. Report writing is something that you will learn in the academy and through additional training after the academy.

What I learned after going through the academy, then working the jails, then going to patrol is; Every training officer you have will want you to write his way. My style of writing reports has become a hybrid of my style, a few old supervisors, and two training officers. Just make sure you are good with spelling, punctuation, and basic high school english. Report writing is not rocket science

Go on some ride alongs and ask a lot of questions.

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