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The Army fitness standards are tougher than POST. But in our academy those times were from our first run around the track, most of us had pt prior to the run. The TO's put the runs usually at the end of the day, which contributed to the poor times. We were barley hanging on. The furthest run in ours is 8-9 miles around a lake which is required to complete in order to graduate. But it's a gradual incline in fitness, they wouldn't slam you with the lake run before assessing the classes fitness levels first.

I mean I remember the girls had it the worst on the "grinder" or "quad" which is a assembly area. Half of them couldn't do a push up without resting on their knees. The TO would come up and give them a ear full. Hell, half the guys had the same issue also. Group punishment is another fun game they'll play. One person screws up on I.E. facing movements, they'd bring you up front and have everybody yell "thanks recruit x" and you'd run up the stairs till your knees felt like their going to explode.
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