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Originally Posted by Mrs Rabbit View Post
We did our 1st inspection right before opening, hoping this keeps me off the radar for a while. The agents were cool and pointed out 3 things they are watching for pretty closely:
1- SSE's
2- High capacity magazine 'rebuild' kits
3- Law Enforcement buying multiple off roster in any regularity.

I've been meaning to post a write-up about our inspection, I'll try to finish it tomorrow. We have been in biz for 2.5 years, we were suprised it took so long to get DOJ over there...

Anyway, those were the 3 things he said were heavily on the radar. not *really* sure what that means - if it's legal then it's legal, right? Or not...

Our plan is to not do those things with regularity. I won't say never, because I don't believe in black/white for everything....

If anyone has ever been hassled for SSE I'd like to know what happened and why..

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