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Default Gun for protection while fishing and hiking

Ok, I have posted questions regarding a small lightweight revolver to carry on my hip or in my fishing vest while hiking and fishing for protection against bears, mountain lions, other 4 and 2 legged aggressive animals. I do not hunt so I would only use the gun if I was being attacked. I have been a fan of revolvers but I am thinking that I should not limit myself to revolvers VS automatic pistols. I want some input on the Auto Pistols. I use to carry a Colt Trooper MKlll .357 6" barrel but it was way too long and heavy. So I was thinking of the Ruger SP101 3" barrel when someone chimed in with a Glock auto .45cal ACP and said it was lighter and better. So a can of worms has opened and nor I need some education on the Automatics VS revolvers. I did have a .45 cal standard issue back in 1970 while I was an MP (516th) in the Army. But since the I have only had a Colt Trooper MKlll .357mag 6 ". I do not shoot at targets or practice. Probably should but not a gun person per say. So looking for information on a good gun for my needs while in the wilderness. Any recommendation, suggestions, etc would be appreciated. BTW, I am 63 years old but not an old fart. Well, not yet. I still like to get out and do as much as I can. I did sell the Colt Trooper to another forum member so gunless right now. Not in any hurry since winter has hit but looking forward to next spring in the Sierras. Ok, rambled on enough. Thanks!
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