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Yup thats it. Imagine him being your TO lol. 8 mile/min is excellent pace. Most of the fat bodies did like 10 to 12 mile/min.

Your more than good if what you say is true about your numbers. Get the regular version if insanity, not " fast n furious".

Most people fail to realize what nutrition needs their bodies require, most academies with the PT burn like 2000+ calories. Each session is usually like 500-600 (based off insanity). I remember one guy told me he had a " sugar cookie this morning" then from 7:00 to 8:00+ we were doing pt getting smoked. He didn't fare to well. Pack your own meals everyday. And look at the " Harris benedict equation" which will tell you how much calorie intake you need for energy per day.

At our academy we were attached to a community college. The recruits and myself were guilty of eating that horrible garbage at the schools caffeteria. I remember they had mexican food one day, and I thought to myself " this is going to suck" we had PT after lunch my stomach was jacked up.

Best advice I can give you is don't cheat your bodies nutrition needs or you will pay for it..

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