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Originally Posted by Tacit Blue View Post
1+ on Insanity. I've lost 2-3 " off my waist the program is amazing. It's identical to most of the PT in the academy, if not it exceeds it. Most of the PT is crossfit and plyometrics or cardio. Instead of suffering during PT if you complete the Insanity program, you'll end up enjoying it. Insanity helps with your core. Eventually you can do both Insanity and p90x known as a " hybrid program" what I'm doing now.

I remember during our PT test a recruit in the Army reserves was cranking out unbelievable amount of sit ups like 70+. He mentioned " Insanity helped me do this", the TO's were impressed by his fitness level.
Are we talking about this series? My friends and I are thinking about CrossFit

I can run a mile under 8 mins, do 54 pushup in two minutes, over 75 situp in two minutes. Should I be worry about PTs?

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