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Originally Posted by Snoopy47 View Post
Can’t get rid of me this month Army…………….. hahahaha………

219 – not spectacular, not anywhere near close to failing.

The entire battalion has a test next month, and I will get to take it again if I want (which I will), but I wasn’t prepared for it when I got broadsided. The run has always been my weak point, so I’ve always been running the last few months. This time around it was my strong point, and my push/sit ups suffered because I slacked off on them, and my score fell because of it.

Next month I think I’m looking at a 250+

What made my stomach churn was there was this guy that was in my age bracket, and I told him he better keep up with me (as I wasn’t going to pass the run with a lot of leeway). By the first turn I had pulled a lot of distance on him. By time I made that last turn he was nowhere to be seen, and he failed by 2 minutes (I told you dude, you had to keep up with me, I only had 75 second left).

I hate the APFT, you’re basically watching people getting fired. I suppose they deserve it. The army doesn’t ask a lot to meet the minimum.

What blows me away is my unit keeps on top of these tests. How does one let themselves fall apart so much from one test to the next.
My Air Force squadron has QFTs Quarterly Fitness Tests. They don't qualify for the annual test, but they allow the monitoring of who needs work, and then the supervision sets up workout routines to help improve the areas in need.

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