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Yesterday I received a call from Dimitri providing detail as to the nature of their delay. Upon checking out additional quality control, they determined that the reference hole was .25 1000's of an inch off, which meant the remaining items related to that hole were also off.

Ares made a decision to scrap that inventory and remanufacture.

The end result is that the delay will result in about one week delay.

A couple of other items: since this was the original group buy and we were the first to place a group order, we will be the first order shipped out.

Also, there are people that may be interested in bare frames. Please let me know prior to my taking delivery of the frames if you want bare frames so they may be shipped or delivered to you, otherwise they will be black oxided.

Lastly, as to the ATF letter, I will ask that Dimitri include a copy of the letter which will be include with all your shipments based on the preexisting design, should any questions arise.

THank you!
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