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Originally Posted by Calif Mini View Post
Finally was able to get out to Chabot Sunday.

Had a couple others to sort out and thought to bring my 10/22.

It has a Volquartsen barrel and my trigger job, bolt upgrade (includes grinding to .044" head space and radius rear for smooth action) bedded in an old stock of unknown manufacture. Bolt release mod and a Volquartsen Exact Edge extractor. Made my own scope base too. Uses my own set screw V-block, Allen take down bolt and my extended mag release. When bedding, I in-letted a tight fitting aluminum insert for the takedown bolt that acts like a piller to dampen movement.

Put on a Barska 10-40 x 50 and used a lead sled.

SK Standard Plus ammo.
I did measure rim thickness and grouped in boxes that all were within .0005".
Did notice small impact change when going from extreme measurements.

50 yards scoped.
Attachment 179008
Attachment 179012

A couple are close the the edge but do touch and I can mail original target if asked.
Nice shooting Calif Mini. Of all the times we have posted that target YOU are the first to clean it!!! Congrats!!!
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