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Originally Posted by Eddie916 View Post
Correct me if i'm wrong but don't we currently have to register our long guns as well as out Handguns currently? Seems to me like I fill out the same dros documents regardless of what type of firearm I buy thru a FFL.. (hand gun, long gun or Frame) I recently bought a stripped lower and had to fill out DROS paperwork for that too..

I have seen people in the sales section talk about "cash and carry" I would assume this is where you just buy a long gun off someone without DROSing it...

I too have long guns that were passed down from my father in law that were passed to him from his father... I read the bill and shouldn't have to register these but whats to stop people from handing them down and just saying "Oh I got them before 2013? "

thanks guys
When you dros a long gun the serial number is not recorded. So not registered. Cash n carry is referring to guns over 50yrs old or on a curio n relic list by the batfe. My two cents.
Go ahead an look at your latest dros form I had to as well when I learned this.
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