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Originally Posted by gorenut View Post
Thanks for all the input.. for those who use the Lee Hand Press.. do you prefer to use the Ram Prime attachment or a separate hand primer tool? Seems like the hand primer tool will be better as you don't have to touch the primers with your hands as much (if at all) and thats one less attachment to screw on/off.
I have all manner of priming tools, including 35 year old Lee hand priming tools, however this is all I use for priming these days:

There is no separate shell holder needed, the tool fits all cartridge cases.

It uses the CCI APS priming strips to feed primers into position. CCI Primers can be purchased packaged in the APS strips, the strips reused, or new strips purchased separately. Any brand of primer can be loaded in the strips, either by hand, I press them into the strip with a thumb, or a strip loader can be purchased that loads them in bulk. When I load a 1000 rounds, I use the strip loading tool.

Most precision shooters use a hand tool for better "feel' in seating primers.
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