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Push yourself hard on physical training. The better shape you are in the better off you will be. If you struggle in PT, the Drill Instructors will ride you even harder. If you are excelling, they will focus on one less fortunate than you. You don't want extra attention in that area.

If you don't already know how, learn to spit shine shoes. We weren't allowed patent leather anything

Sharpen your basic writing skills, spelling, and grammar. If your local community college has a condensed winter session, take a basic English course covering grammar and sentence structure.

We had to print everything. Practice your handwriting. Neatness counts.

Find out what kind of footwear the academy authorizes and get your shoes broken in before you start. Some, like LASD, do not allow you to wear boots during the academy except under special circumstances. Also make sure you break in your PT shoes.
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