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10 days and no pics is unacceptable.

Finished loading the lot of this, and pulled out some factory stuff to get a family photo.

20 ga duplex lead-free steel slugs, 20 ga remington copper solid lead-free sabot slugs, 3.5" hevi-shot lead-free 12 ga shotshells in #4 and #6, 2.75" 12ga lead-free steel shot in #8, 460 S&W rounds using barnes lead-free bullets. 200 grain XPB, 250 grain XPB, 275 grain XPB, and my favorite a 290 grain TMZ boat tail. All lead-free. some 38 special loaded to +p with solid copper projectiles, lead-free. 55+ rounds of 7x57 loaded with 140 grain banded solids (almost lead-free), a box of 7x57 with 140 grain TTSX lead-free bullets, and finally a box of 50 rounds (to go with my 22 round box) of 338 lapua rounds loaded with Nosler E-tip bullets, 3100 fps of 338 cal lead-free goodness. Not shown is the big-arse bag of sabots that came in so I can shoot those 45 cal barnes bullets in my 50 cal muzzleloader.


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