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OMG, sea salt with dark chocolate will change your life! For a sample, Starbucks makes a salted caramel hot chocolate. It's very close to the most fun you can have out of bed. And after four cold hours at the range? Indescribable.

The salt brings up a flavor in the chocolate that just blows my mind. But that pink salt from the Himalayas, which is saltier still, will knock your socks off. Interestingly, a teeny bid of chile makes the flavor pop too. For some reason, table salt doesn't have quite the same effect.

Sea salt is strong. The pink himalayan is on steroids. If you salt your hot chocolate, do it very lightly. Five grains at a time until you get it right. Starbucks does it well, I usually ask for a little extra.

Everyone cheer up! The days will be getting longer in six weeks!
Do only safe sex. Never have sex with someone crazier than you are.
Don't marry or move in together before you're both at least 25.
Don't have children until you're married five years or at least age 30.
Put 10% of your salary into savings every month no matter how broke you are.
Don't ever screw around with the IRS.
Keep a handgun on your bedside table.
Don't smart-mouth judges, or cops who stop you on the road.

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