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  • Hot chocolate with sea salt
  • Crisp Fall days for trap shooting
  • Weather cool enough to do Appleseed and IDPA classes
  • Great top-down driving weather in the afternoons
  • Unique golden light in the late afternoon
  • Cool weather cooking: foods I don't cook in summer (meat loaf and baked potatoes, beef stew, home made chili, hand made bread)
  • kitties cuddling to keep warm
  • my favorite leather boots
  • a handsome tweed jacket to shoot in
  • catalog shopping the fall sales at midway and optics dot com
  • planning monthly shoots in weather cool enough to pick up a gun
  • wearing gloves at the range without getting funny looks
  • digging out some cuddly sweaters, hiding my bathing suits
  • dropping the kitties into piles of raked leave and watching them play
  • hassling Savannah about why we're not at the range this afternoon shooting trap.
Do only safe sex. Never have sex with someone crazier than you are.
Don't marry or move in together before you're both at least 25.
Don't have children until you're married five years or at least age 30.
Put 10% of your salary into savings every month no matter how broke you are.
Don't ever screw around with the IRS.
Keep a handgun on your bedside table.
Don't smart-mouth judges, or cops who stop you on the road.
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