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The main rounds I shoot are .38/357. Here's my cost savings. Mind you, this is with bullets that I cast myself ("boolits"). But it'll give you an idea. All cost figures assume 8 reuses of the brass, and purchasing both lead and brass up-front. We assume here that lead is $1.00/lb, and that 1,000 brass cases costs about $50/1000 (.38 Spl) or $75/1000 (.357 Magnum).

.38 Special, 105gr LSWC, 3.9gr Bullseye: $3.25/box of 50.
Factory ammo: $15/box of 50.
Cost savings/box: $11.75.

.357 Magnum, 158gr LRNFP, 13.0gr 2400: $4.50/box of 50
Factory ammo: $23-$25/box of 50.
Cost savings/box: $18-$20

My cost savings for .45 Colt ranges from $30 to $72 per box of 50, depending on whether I load it mild or wild. My "wild" load is equivalent to an $80.03 box of Buffalo Bore. I make that same box for $8.00.

BTW, +1 for the Lee Breech-Lock Challenger press suggestion. Those things are great. A Classic Turret Press would be another excellent choice.
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