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Originally Posted by El Toro View Post
Save your money and give the membership to a teenager. They're the future.
Couldn't agree more. Here's an excerpt from a fantastic article I read on the subject of the hearts and minds of our youth. I suggest you read the whole thing, here:

One of the most telling statistics in last week's election is that Republican Mitt Romney won among voters aged 35 or older. If you are old enough to have learned about the U.S.S.R. as an enemy, and to remember the fall of the Berlin Wall, chances are that you voted to unseat Obama. If you were born or grew up in the post-Cold War era, when communism was no longer a geopolitical threat, you are far more likely to have voted to re-elect him.

Children today are not taught that communism was evil, a system that not only killed millions but corrupted almost everyone forced to live under it. Instead they are taught that it was a fine idea that failed in its implementation, which ought to have been democratic. They know more about McCarthyism than the Stalinist show trials, and leave school convinced that it is more morally repugnant to call someone a communist than actually to be one.

At colleges and universities, students are assigned the works of Marx and his acolytes over and over again, while the works of Locke, Burke, Hayek, and Tocqueville are largely neglected. One of the most popular assignments is Marx's On the Jewish Question, in which he outlines his views of the state, civil society, and history. Students are encouraged to ignore the crude antisemitism of the essay--or to regard it as a minor, non-essential flaw.

We know that our welfare state is failing, and that we can no longer pay for it. But we are terrified of trying the alternative, which Obama describes to us as a system in which "you're on your own." And so we vote for more government as the answer to bad government. We expand spending on everything except defense, the first and most legitimate function of government. We forget that the Eastern bloc collapsed under the weight of its debts.

When we imagine political evil, we think of the SS officer who haunts our Holocaust memorials. We think of the Taliban insurgent who broadcasts threats from a cave and shoots schoolgirls point blank and in plain sight. The left uses these figures to label its political enemies: fiscal conservatives were likened to Hitler in Wisconsin for taking on bloated public sector unions; social conservatives are called Taliban on the nation's editorial pages.

But call Obama a socialist--even though his policies would be called socialist in most other western democracies, even though he himself once joined, and sought the endorsement of, a socialist political party--and you will be marginalized. Our present political discourse lacks the figure of the Soviet commissar as the embodiment of an absolute evil, one whose name can be invoked to set a boundary around the excesses of far-left-wing policies.

And so our media and our popular culture enthusiastically embraces the revolutionary mobs of Occupy Wall Street as if they represented something new and idealistic, rather than the misguided outburst of a youth culture rebelling with the few words in its political vocabulary, steered behind the scenes by a hard activist core from their parents' generation. The virtues of self-reliance, industry and frugality are eclipsed by collectivist visions.

Please read the rest, it's well worth it and (to me) right on point. I should take pictures of some of my old books from my college years ('98-'02)... TRULY "liberal" arts. And this is a major university in northern Florida (if you look at the electoral map, a lone blue county in a sea of red). Books like Russian Formalist Criticism, Marxist Theory... the universities are rotten from the inside out... it's essentially a brainwashing.

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