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Good friend and I parted ways back when the Federal AWB ban was being debated. We both shot together alot and he owned many handguns and an UZI semi-auto. One evening with our wives present we got into what I thought would be a rational discussion about the AWB Bill. I wanted to know why his party wanted to ban AR-types and maybe we could compromise or agree to disagree. Evidently my calm arguments about self-defense and having an AR just in case the ***** hit the fan really enflamed he and his wife (also a shooter). They made the typical argument that a proliferation of guns had brought our country to the brink and we were the most murderous country in the world. To this I couldn't help myself, I was so incredulous at their dramatics I stated the famous "Guns don't kill people, People kill people". Their response was vehement and had such hatred and full of invective my wife began to cry. Words which forever parted us.

I have noticed that gungrabbers will always resort to these tactics when debated. Save your money and give the membership to a teenager. They're the future.
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