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Originally Posted by lilro View Post
The only way to win over a liberal is with emotion, not logic. Use a bunch of liberal "buzzwords." Remind them that all the liberal politicians have armed security, and the 99% can't afford this luxury of "the rich."
They will say it is necessary to have them protected in case some 'right wing whacko' tries to hurt them. Then they will point to the Gabby Giffords shooting (while conveniently ignoring the tragic murder of a little girl in the same instance) and call you insensitive.

Originally Posted by lilro View Post
Remind them that Martin Luther King, Jr. applied for CCW, but was denied because of his race.
They will say it was a long time ago, and that Democrats were 'different' then; Republicans and all gun enthusiasts are now mostly (or all) Confederate Tea Bagger racist monsters who want to kick out immigrants and bomb abortion clinics.

Originally Posted by lilro View Post
Remind them that Native Americans were slaughtered because they lacked efficient weaponry to defend their land.
This one's easy. Likely feeling like a cornered rat after having endured such a tongue lashing, they will try to change the subject or try to tell you that what you're saying is completely false according to one of their 'professor friends'.
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Live free or die. Death is not the worst of evils.
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