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Joining the military was the best choice I've made so far in life. Like others have said you have to go full time/Active Duty to be able to support you and your family. You would get your base pay, a house on base or an allowance to live off base plus some money for food.

Where do you currently live? I'm in Afghanistan right now but If you're close to where im stationed (Travis AFB, Northern Cali) I can show you around and let you talk to people on whatever job you may have interests in. Nothing like first hand experience and getting it straight from the people who work there and not a recruiter...Deployment tempo's have picked up for some jobs, I was home 10 months and came right back to Afghanistan between this year and last year. I've been in Afghanistan longer than I've lived in my new home! lol

I love all the chair forcre remarks...and the guy that mentioned that we have no teamwork??? How the hell do we get anything done without team work. There seem to be some posts that are flawed but the AF has been good for me and my family and I've been in a little over 8 years...
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