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Originally Posted by Fatgunman View Post
I wouldn't sign that for calli did you forget who runs this state we'd be a dictatorship within a week all hail moonbeam, lol
^^^This pretty much sums up my fears....

Funny I stumble on this thread right when I log on. I was reading about the states that want to seperate from the union just earlier today. At first I though that would be great.....then I immediately started remembering who really is incharge of this state. It really scares me to think of the state California would become if left unto it own. An entire state with the politics of SF???? It's bad enough as it is, and you all know that SF and LA pretty much govern the state already, just imagine how much worse it would get if they had no one (in their eyes) to answer to. If states do start seperating from the union, I would be very likely to pick up and move to one of the "free states" that declaired it's independance. I love where I live, but I'll be damned if I stay in Lassen County after it becomes "Far North San Fransisco"......
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