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Default Gifting NRA membership to a liberal

An old friend of mine, who is a kool-aid drinking progressive, posted a link online to their blog, with a post asking for clarity on why people thought the 2nd amendment applied to individuals when it clearly is about militias, and why anyone would possibly be against "common sense" gun control laws.

Yeah, I took the bait. I spent a good part of Saturday morning researching links to articles, facts, and details about how (in)effective the 1994 AWB was, detailed what exactly the AWB actually banned, and related the absurdity of banning ergonomic features on firearms.

Instead of the asked for discussion, or even questions or comments about what I related, I was told, quite bluntly, that I proved nothing and since guns only exist to kill people, anyone who owns one must be planning to kill someone, and they hoped they never angered me.

Yeah, I know. What did I really expect? I was a bit surprised that someone who has know me for 20 odd years would accuse me of being a psychopath, but I guess that is the only thing that fit in with their belief system.

Anyway, I was thinking if this person really wanted a glimpse of what gun owners thought, maybe I should gift them a one year NRA membership, along with the print copy of American Rifleman.

Maybe, just maybe, they will read an article or two before they toss it in the recycling bin, and maybe, just maybe, SOMETHING will sink in.

To harsh? A good way to give to the NRA while pissing off a liberal? Any other suggestions on how to start de-programming friends who are drinking the Brady Bunch Kool-aid?

On a brighter note, I took a buddy to the range for his first time shooting the previous Saturday, and he had a great time, but was a little sore from firing my Mauser. Even better news is he wants to go again.
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