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About a year ago I went to Walmart with my family one Saturday afternoon. My wife and gorgeous, thin, teenage daughter with long blonde hair headed to the car with the cart a couple minutes ahead of me. We had parked a long ways out.

Several spaces from our car was a white pickup with 3 guys hanging out nearby. No other vehicles in the area. When the men noticed my wife and daughter approach, they first gave them the up and down once over and then quickly started moving. First they went to the other side of the truck and were talking while looking at the women. Then two circled opposite sides of the truck and started approaching with smiles and were starting to say something to engage the women. Wife and daughter clued in on the weird vibe and got into the car, leaving their stuff in the cart.

As this was happening, I had been quickly catching up and watching the guys' actions with every step I took. When the guys saw me quickly approaching and eyeballing them like a pissed off grizzly, they stopped in their tracks and quickly loaded their vehicle and drove off. Not entirely sure what their motives were, but both my wife and daughter were creeped out by the whole thing.

Needless to say, my wife and daughter don't head out ahead anymore and my wife tries to park a little closer now when she's on her own.
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