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Originally Posted by hr20099mm View Post
I just purchased a Millett trs 4-16x50 SFP mildot with 1/4 in turrets from Primary Arms. It will go on a ar15 with 18'' barrel. The mildot reticle is accurate at 10x. Im planning on shooting from 300 to 600 yards. Ranging with the mildot will be done at 10x only, and i understand converting Mils to Moa thanks to HKDAVE.


What power should i zero the scope at?
Any power. Your zero does not change with the magnification. The center of the reticle is the center of the reticle.

When i adjust the turrets for bullet drop, Does the scope have to be in the 10x power to be accurate or can i use it in any magnification?
When dialing for drop you can be on any power. When you dial, you are bringing the center of the reticle to your POI for a known distance.

How do i make a range card?
There are some templates you can download, or you can just take notes on your dial-ups and/or holdovers

Do i need to make a range cards for each magnification like 4x, 8x, 10x and 14x for the scope to be accurate at those manification?
Your Dial-ups will not change with the power. Your reticle (for hold-overs and ranging) is only good at 10x

And last, The Mildot reticle, It is a dot followed by a hashmark and then another dot. Is the scope from dot to dot 1mil or 1moa? The scope says moa turret adjustments but the reticle is in mildot.
Most likely the Dots are every Mil and the hash marks are 1/2 Mils

Be easy, im new at this and yes a have used the search button. Thanks for your input.
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