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So I forwarded a copy of my original order (March 31st 2012) and a polite message along to the e-mail address you provided... And got a response! Fingers crossed... maybe I'll have it in time for Christmas?

Hi Jake,
First let me start by apologizing for the huge delays you've experienced regarding the shipment of your order and the spotty customer service you've experienced in the meantime. With us reaching some stability again, we have begun to send cases out toward the backlog once more. We have the last 2 weeks left of the March orders before we can begin to work on the April ones. Given the date of your order I can say that you would be more toward the top of the list. It'll probably still be a couple months before it can ship due to the amount of people in front of you and how much we can send out per month. If you're interested, we're doing order conversion so if you shoot 45 ACP, I can convert your order over and it will ship much sooner. Let me know what you think.

Vincent Parker
COO and Vice President of Sales
Jack Ross Ammo
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