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Originally Posted by winnre View Post
If I can take my C&R shotgun with an interchangeable 24" barrel and change it out for an 18" barrel it is still C&R right?
Originally Posted by Quiet View Post
And for CA...
BATFE NFA Branch will not approve a Form 1/4 for a SBR/SBS, unless the applicant has a valid Dangerous Weapons Permit for a SBR/SBS from the CA DOJ BOF.

BATFE NFA Branch will approve a Form 4 for a C&R SBR/C&R SBS because a Dangerous Weapons Permit for a SBR/SBS is not required.
Making a C&R rifle/C&R shotgun into a SBR/SBS, makes it a "modern" SBR/SBS and requires a Dangerous Weapons Permit.
Do you happen to know under what authority the ATF cites in denying a California Form 1 without a Dangerous Weapons Permit? I thought they used to grant Form 1's despite CA law?
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