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Regarding the bi-metal & steel core issue at Oak Tree:

I've been a member there for three years, and until they opened their new rifle range it was never an issue. In fact they rented SKS and AK rifles and REQUIRED that you use their ammo, which was Tula bi-metal. They allowed any ammunition on the rifle range which was only open on Friday evenings, and likewise on Bay #1 (and for pistols on Bay 2 & 3, although of course not on the steel range).

When I last went I wanted to shoot my CZ-82 with Silver Bear, which is a bi-metal jacket. They told me I couldn't, as "anything magnetic is now banned."

I went inside and spoke to Brian about it, and he had all sorts of excuses.

First, that the new rifle range isn't safe for bi-metal as the foliage surrounding it makes it more of a fire hazard. I said, fine, how about Bay 1? He said then that, oh no, people were shooting up the target stands too much. I mentioned that they rented their rifles with Tula ammo, and he said that they had a bunch of it and wanted to sell it, and when they ran out they weren't going to do that anymore. So, I said, it was okay when you were making a profit off of it but now that you see you can make more selling different ammo you're going to take advantage of it, eh?

He also had some excuse about steel cases being a problem for their reloaders, which is horsepucky since a magnet drags all the steel cases out of the bunch easily. He admitted that was true, but that they didn't like to bother. Huh? They are profiting off of the spent brass cases, which is the long and short of it.

I found the variety of excuses disingenuous. I can live with the new rule on the new range. What I can't live with is changing the rules only a month after I'd renewed my membership (at full price, along with my wife's). I told Brian that the reason I went to Oak Tree, rather than Angeles which has a much longer and frankly nicer rifle range, was that they weren't so restrictive. I also told him that I wasn't the only one.

I am debating asking for a refund of my membership, as I am just not happy about their change of policy and their nonsense excuses for it. I'm even less happy that I would be forced to purchase much more expensive ammunition for my AK, SKS, Mosin, CZ, Tokarev, Mauser, etc. etc. etc.

$125 for a membership is a good deal, but you'll pay the difference in ammo prices.
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