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Nothing you have done is an automatic DQ but given this job market, there will be heavy competition for any job you want. We've hired people with worse backgrounds, I'll tell ya right off the bat. But it also has a lot to do with what else you bring in addition to the negative that can offset it.

For example, we hired people with bankruptcies, but he had some life skills and degrees, plus work experience, and he was making good on his debts to creditors, so that showed he picked up and was being responsible.

In my honest opinion, you have to be lucky though, because more likely than not, you will run into departments who want you to put more time between all the incidents and hiring you, say like 5-7 years. There is no hard and fast rule, but those numbers seem like the magical break for some reason.

Small minded hiring administrators can't see past liability and just want to hire his whole crew of squeaky clean never done nothing in life lived at home no job 21 year olds to put through the academy. That mentality is the biggest disservice to this profession. We don't need a whole squad of guys whose biggest challenge in life prior to LE was whether or not to order extra pepperoni on the pizza because his girlfriend was on a diet but he really liked pepperoni.
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