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Given today’s economy and the penchant in Sacramento and some local government agencies to spend more that they can afford, I would do some serious research and make sure I knew which cities/counties take a more restrained/conservative approach to fiscal management (learn to read a budget). I know we all like the idea of 3% @50 and all of the other great benefit packages that some agencies were able to negotiate for over the past few years, but the well has run dry.

If I were just starting in LE today, I would seek out those communities that paid a decent salary, with a nice benefit package, but were a bit restrained in their overall fiscal approach. Keep in mind it is a 30 year career, and it does matter what happens over the long run.

There are a number of really great LE agencies to work for up and down the state. The one observation I would make is to stay away from the really small agencies. Oftentimes local political forces try to micro manage in the smaller agencies.

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