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Originally Posted by POLICESTATE View Post
I was looking at it and it's just a serious of true/false questions right?

I was reading the first 75 they put online and I thought a lot of these have a bit more to them than a simple black and white, 0/1, yes/no, true/false answer.

Here's my answer to 10:

After reading about the test and about the opposition to it I must say, I think it's crap. I bet you I could take this test and get a certain score today and then take it six months from now and get a different score, simply because my perspective on some things have changed and how I might answer these questions that force you into BS simplistic yes/no answers may also change depending on my mood. Which means I'd probably just write down the yes/no answer that sounds most sane.

It's only true or false - you can't write comments. The questions seem odd, and the test seems easy to "fool" but statistically it's proven not to be. Also, statistically speaking the results will be remarkably similar if taken today and 4 months from today (assuming you aren't taking drugs for your psych issue or in treatment). There are a bunch of "control" questions that are mixed in there as well.
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