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Default Any BI's here that would like to listen to me ramble?

Looking for some honest insight on weather to pursue a career in LE(at this time).

So heres my situation, as black and white as I can make it, and hopefully someone can let me know if Im wasting my time dreaming of starting a career as a sworn officer at this time in life(cause I will one day).

Im 28yrs old, will be 29 in april when the academy starts. I have 26 units in AJ from taking night classes over the last 5yrs but havent been able to attend school in the last two due to work/life etc, as well as being discouraged by things that at the time would have been automatic disqualifies imo. Im in a position now, with help from family and friends to take a five month leave from work, and put myself through the academy without worrying about my current bills, so I would really like to take advantage of this amazing opportunity and do something I have been dreaming of for years.

-Those things being a bankruptcy due to some bad decisions, as well as medical bills. Its now been two years and will be three by the time I graduate the academy. All finances are in perfect order with a 700+ credit score again, no credit card debt etc.

-several traffic violations including 4-5 speding tickets, one redlight, and one stop sign. All were at least three years ago now, and most were over 4yrs ago, and will be another year out by graduation. I have since got rid of the flashy/loud/fast cars and drive a diesel truck at under max posted speeds, and have not been pulled over(*knock on wood) for over 3 years.

-GED/poor high school transcripts. I wasnt a great student, and just didnt apply myself at that time in life, unless it was something that interested me. I took, intro to AJ, criminal law concepts, criminal law, community relations, criminal procedures, and juvenile procedures and got good grades in all of them, and feel confident that I will test well in the academy come this spring.

-Criminal history, I have none minus a petty theft when I was 9yrs for changing a price tag on a hat to save myself $5. Zero drug use of any kind at all, and zero run ins with the law of any kind. However I did have several violent/aggressive incidents in middle school and high school, due to me being arrogant and carrying a chip on my shoulder after several years of martial arts. While I have trained in mma over the years, I have no complex in my mind that makes me feel as if I have anything to prove.

-I am now in a steady relationship for over three years, a steady job for over two years, and feel great about my life in general. I have made many poor decisions that have forced me to put of my dream career for a long time now, but am hopeful I can find an agency willing to take a chance on my. If anyone has some insight, story that might relate etc, I am all ears and would love to hear what you have to say, good or bad.
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