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Default on "JAG" they showed a USMC AAV landing troops on beach and...

it hits the beach, then does a 180 and opens rear door and all the grunts come running out.

I'm like WTF? Do they do a 180 THEN open the door, so the entire insides of the AAT is exposed to possible enemy fire, just so the troops have a straight run from the AAT to up the beach? Tell me that is "just Hollywood".

I'd think they would keep the machine in motion and guys would hop off into little positions of partial cover behind little sand dunes or whatever.

Personally, I'd also want to deploy about a 100 blowup dolls, (in GI colored vinyl) with just enough weight in the feet to make them stand up or kneel, across the beach to try to draw some fire, and dilute any enemy fire.
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