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Originally Posted by arga View Post
My Sarco Argy barrel looks almost identical. It's defiantly canted but I'm not too worried about it. You're going to install the barrel so the gas system aligns with the receiver so our real problem is going to be the alignment of the extractor notch with the bolt and extractor. The notch appears large enough to allow a slight misalignment. That said I have no fricken' clue how it will really go together. I've never assembled a FAL before.
I just checked 2 Imbel 21's and an Imbel PARA...yours looks good. Extractor notch is where it should be and the front sight misalignment you see can easily be fixed by the rear sight windage screws. step is to make sure the barrel can be hand-tightened to the receiver...may take some thread cleaning on the barrel and/or receiver.

Search the FAL Files for 'barrel timing'. Can you hand-tighten the barrel to 10:30 or 11 o'clock? If so, grab the barrel vise and receiver wrench and tighten until the upper barrel notch is at 12 o'clock.

If you can't get to 10:30 or 11:00 by hand, you'll need to remove material from the barrel shoulder until you can. If you can hand-tighten to past 11:00, you'll need to shim between the barrel and receiver.

Thread pitch is 16 tpi, so a 5-mil thick shim will get you about 30 degrees of movement.

I've never used anything but sighting through the gas nut once I get close to correct timing and eye-balling the front sight. Sometimes a piece of light mono-filament tied to the front sight post and pulled back toward the receiver can help.

Again, study what you see on the FAL Files and proceed accordingly.


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