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Originally Posted by highender View Post
OK,, so I pour water , hot, down the muzzle, which gets the action and all other parts wet..... , then disassemble and dry , then clean and lube, right ?

I have a Howa 1500 .308 rifle with sights. What do you all think ??
Short answer, No.
Long answer: Contrary to what VegasND said, corrosive ammo is just that, corrosive. All those Mosins and other milsurps didn't just rust up and pit
all on their own.

Do not pour water all over everything.
Get a small squirt or spray bottle, like 2-4 oz. fill with plain old cold water.
Remove bolt, hold rifle with muzzle down.
Squirt water down the barrel, just an once or two and let it run out the muzzle. Lay rifle down on bench for a minute or two.
Next run a patch wet with water down the bore, then run a couple dry patches down the bore to get the water out, then clean and oil as normal.
Also wipe the bolt face off with wet water patch, dry and then oil.
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