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Default What does it take to satisfy a bogus 911 call?

It just got done raining (or maybe not) and you get a call that a land line made a call to 911 and hung up. Dispatch could not call back the number and get an answer so it gets made into a call. Does it matter what time of day this happened?

You show up to a house that is quiet and after knocking on the door, greeted by a guy that acts somewhat surprised that you are even there at the door and that a 911 call was placed from the location.

When he says nobody called is that it and do you close the call and leave?
BTW, running the vehicle plates in clets shows nothing out of the ordinary and all reg is up to date. Further more the house address and owner info comes back negative for any warrants or priors.

Does it matter if it was at 2:30 in the morning, just got done raining and there were no lights on in the house?

Does it matter if it was middle of the day?

This particular scenario happened at 2:30 in the morning right after a heavy rain and it was still lightly raining durring the knocking.
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