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Originally Posted by Lazyme View Post
Nice shooting!!

How do you all shoot? To shoot my 25 yard iron targets I have been leaning on the bench using my elbow as a bipod. It looks like I need some stabilization to improve my scores. The rules say as long as I am not locked down I am good so one of these little guys should be ok, right?

I also think getting out of the 25 yard indoor range into better lighting will help. It looks like some of you can step off your back porch and shoot...I can't wait until I can get me my own little slice of back porch shootin heaven.
That rest is OK to use and here is what I use for the front rest with a leather protecktor bunny ear bag as a rear rest.

Some folks spend upwards of $1000 for a front rest but then they are as serious as a heart attack about shooting. I drive 55 miles one way to shoot although I live in the mountains there is only one area I can shoot in up here and it has been closed during fire season since early July, BUMMER! I spend more on fuel to go shooting than I do ammo.
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