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Default Defensive Pistol Training Class II Intermediate

Hosted at Burro Canyon Dec. 2nd 2012 Course fee $175 (catered) lunch included

Defensive Pistol Training Class II Intermediate

Once the shooter has laid the foundation of fundamentals & mindset in our Basic Tactical Pistol Training Class, it is time to add some stress and begin conditioning the shooter to perform in a dynamic environment. Prior to attending, we highly recommend students attend our Defensive Pistol I class (or equivalent). Private instruction is available to bring the student up to speed. We recommend scheduling private instruction at least 2 weeks prior to course to allow time for practice of skills learned.

This course is taught with the real world in mind. We focus on accuracy and judicious marksmanship. Shield Tactical believes the only round you have is the one in the chamber as opposed to spray and pray. Our friends with 10 round magazines will benefit a great deal from this class. This course will continue to build on the foundation developed in our Basic Tactical Carbine Class to instill the skills needed to condition the student for the rigors of our Tactical Carbine Training Class III Advanced two day course.

Class Schedule
Morning (09:00 - 12:00)
Introduction Safety and Range Commands
Indexing gear Review
Fundamentals of Marksmanship
Cover & Concealment
Controlled Pairs / Balance of Speed and Accuracy ( BSA ) Drills

Afternoon (13:00 - 16:00)
Admin and Speed Multi-Target Drills
Move & Shoot Drills
Class Completion
Presentation of Certificates & Farewell
Note: This is a generic agenda and may be altered somewhat by the instructor
Required Gear:
200-300 rounds pistol ammo
Vest (not required)
Magazine pouch, at least one, preferably two
Belt designed to support holstered weapon and magazine pouches (1.5" - 2" reinforced recommended)
Eye and ear protection
Cleaning rods (recommended but not required) and lubrication for firearms
Proper clothing suited for season and environment (no shorts)
Knee and elbow pads (recommended but not required)
Proper foot wear (boots)
Hat with brim
Rain Gear - we train in the rain
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