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Originally Posted by Izzy43 View Post
Shot the 25 and 50 yd Iron Sight Targets yesterday. Wanted to shoot the 100yd as well but wind was gusting too much.

First up is the 50yd Irons, Score-115. USMCCHET gets me every time on these iron sight targets but my scores are slowly improving. Hats off to him for some (as usual) great shooting).

25yd Irons, Score-97. Doubt I can do better, but I'll try next week with my Kimber 82G. I made two improvements to my CZ UltraLux. Installed an adjustable iris in the rear sight (no magnification). Also I bedded the action in the stock which tightened up the groups.

I have another Kimber on order from the CMP. Gonna put a Weaver T series scope on it and modify the stock to a bench stock then see how she shoots.
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