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Default Reasons I hate winter!

1)No gardening
2)No flowers
3)No cookouts
4)It's too damn cold outside
5)It's cold inside
6)It gets dark so early
7)Christmas decorations in stores in October.
8)Christmas Carols on tv and radio from October till January
9)I turn from a night owl to a hibernating bear
10)Ready for bed at 7:30
11)Go to bed as early as 9:00
12)Frizzy hair
14)scraping windshields
15)car is filthy for months
16)can't play in the backyard with dog and boy
17)can't go to the beach, well you can but why?
18)guns rust
19)can't take boy & dog to the beach
20)can't go out for ice cream
21) no tan
22)no garden tomatoes
23)no artichokes
24)no warm sand
25)no watermelon
26)no lemonade
27) no free concerts
28) no corn on the cob
29) heating bills
30)icy roads
33)sore throats
34)chapped lips
35)dry hands
36)cold fingers
37)cold toes
38) can't wear shorts
39) can't wear flip-flops
40) can't bike
41) can't go out without putting on tons of clothes
42) avocados from Mexico
43) dogs drag in leaves and mud on their feet
44) no road trips
45) no fishing
46) no baseball
47) no kayaking or swimming at the lake
48) fog
49) no picnics
50) no warmth

2 reasons to like winter:
1) curling up with a good book (or someone)
2) fires in the fireplace
3) only five more months till summer

Feel free to add to whichever list you choose.

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