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Originally Posted by Mesa Tactical View Post
The only way to answer this empirically is to compare homicide rates in a country before and after guns were outlawed. What this will reveal, I believe, is that places like the UK, where everyone knows they have a lower homicide rate than the US (presumably because they have strict gun control), always had a lower homicide rate than the US, even when guns were legally available there.

What you want to do is compare homicide rates before and after gun control was enacted.

This is correct but it ignores another approach. Demographics is a huge factor in homicide rates. For example we "know" that the US has higher homicide rates than Canada. But this ignores demographics since even in the US there are huge differences in homicide rates for different demographic groups. For example black males commit over 1/2 of all homicides in the US but are only about 6% of the population. IE. Black males commit homicides at about 8 times the rate of the general population.

In the US we have a much larger minority population than Canada and it can be argued that this accounts for much if not all the difference in homicide rates. I have read (Lott I think but this would need to be verified) that if you take the states that that border Canada that those states will have a demographic profile that is almost identical to Canada. If you compare homicide rates for these boarder states to Canada they are actually slightly lower than Canada but I don't think the difference is statistically significant. If the demographically adjusted homicide rate in the US is basically the same as in Canada with it's much stricter gun laws then perhaps this shows that these gun laws do not have a significant impact on homicide rates. I should add that most of the states that boarder Canada are more or less "free" states that have less restrictive gun laws. IE. Montana, Washington, Idaho, N Dak. and so on with a few exceptions like New York.

As an aside the high homicide rate committed by black males is a very sad thing. But it points to how the anti's ignore a very real issue when they go after guns but totally discount that some thing is very wrong in the black community. If we instead focused on that issue and tried to correct the under laying problems instead of focusing on gun control we might actually be able to make real progress on dealing with our countries violence issue.
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